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Barry Vardy

Pilates Teacher

Barry's interest in Pilates began when he joined a class some years ago with a friend who had back pain. Barry soon recognised the value of Pilates and decided to train to become an instructor. Since then, Barry has trained extensively with some of the world's leading authorities on Pilates, gaining recognition within the Pilates community. He has presented Pilates to the nursing school at Liverpool John Moore's University, was invited to guest teach a professional football team in Sweden and created specialised classes for adults with learning difficulties and physical disabilities, showing Barry's belief that Pilates really is a method that can improve the lives of everyone.

Barrys classes are very fun and informal. He also offers 1-2-1 sessions on the studio equipment. Barry teaches at Pilates York HQ, The Stables Yoga Centre, Nunmill Street, York.

T: 07817717594

E: [email protected]

Ali Jones

Pilates Teacher

Ali started Pilates with a keen interest in the connection between well-being and movement, with the ambition of teaching others. She honed her technique and mastered the repertoire of exercises before studying to become an instructor. A few years on and Ali is offering classes at a host of venues in and around the city.

Ali's classes are an excellent example of flowing, authentic Pilates. She has a calm, friendly approach and strives to assist her students as they progress and develop with the Pilates method.

T: 07716335396 

E: [email protected] 

Jessica Sias Wilson

VP Marketing

Jessica has been a movement teacher for over 15 years. Whilst studying Choreography and Dance in graduate school, she discovered Pilates as a way to build strength and connections that were often difficult to find in the dance studio. After qualifying in Pilates, she was introduced to the GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS® methods by a colleague and fell in love with this intelligent movement system. She became licensed in both methods shortly thereafter.

Jessica's interest in teaching lies in helping people understand how their bodies work so they can live in them more comfortably. She enjoys working with those recovering from injury, those looking to enhance their skill in a specific hobby or sport, and those who just want to feel better. Jessica will challenge you to find deep, internal connections that will give you strength to sustain yourself in your everyday life, while also encouraging you to open up so you can move more freely. "Since we live, work, and play from within, we must look after our bodies and keep them moving."

T: 07946713120

E:  [email protected]


Alice Shuttleworth

VP Marketing

Classes are filling quickly due to her friendly attitude and great sense of humour. Alice has a passion for movement and is a breath of fresh air to York's Pilates community.

T: 07815960436 

E: [email protected]

Sarah Stabler

VP Marketing

I'm Sarah Stabler and pilates became part of my life over fifteen years ago through Musical Theatre training as it was an ideal way to condition and maintain the body for dance. I liked that it was gentle yet effective at enhancing my flexibility, core strength and even improved my balance and posture. It seemed to keep me slender and toned without having to spend hours at a gym. The whole lateral breathing and holistic approach felt like I was making a difference in my everday life as it helped increase my lung capacity and also reduce stress too. In more recent years I have attended Pilates in York and have felt privileged to gain a greater understanding through this practise. Often I'd attend class after a long day at work and would feel tired and burnt out but as soon as I arrived and started and met other like minded people just trying to make a positive and healthy difference physically to life then I felt really part of something great and on leaving I always felt re-charged, straightened out and taller (a bonus been 5ft 1)! I would like everyone I teach to leave feeling this way and I hope pilates will make a difference to their life like it has to mine.

T: 07771588106

E: .[email protected]